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off day gone
Tuesday, April 15, 2008, 10:47 PM

Well supposingly must wake up at 10.30 to go for early breakfast, facial and then go down meet friends, but woke up at 1pm plus instead, haha. Sorry qq mum, u give me a morning call which i self declared useless. Blame my stupid laziness. =P

So met up with Des and Kexin meimei at about 4pm in the afternoon in town, so went to DFS Galleria and took a walk, because kexin meimei wanna see LV bag. Instead of walking straight to LV boutique, we went to the perfume section, and I bought a new bottle of perfume, 'Bvlgari, AQVA', because my perfume just nice about to finish. Bought the 100ml which cost me $117, i think quite reasonable and because i really like the smell of it. REALLY NICE!!! Haha...

Hmm after that went over to Far East to have dinner and for facial, instead of going to Cineleisure, cos actually wanted to go there to take a look at 'Fred Perry's Boutique'. After facial, des and kexin decided to go home straight, cos they're tired. Then went home straight...

Reached home finally, and saw my parcel from USA! Yay! Finally the shirts I ordered from Heritage1981 came, Heritage1981 is under Forever21, FYI. Show u guys the picture =)

Nice & meaningful right?


Finally my first off day
3:45 AM

Hmm been a week at Ricciotti, finally NOW i would say, the 15th of April my 1st day off after 2 weeks since my attachment started.

Well got alot of things to do for today, will head for an early breakfast then go for facial, my face is deteoriating, due to the bad condition of a kitchen. No choice, imagine everyday inside an oily kitchen, then cutting ingredients like onion, garlic, blablabla, ingredients with pungent smell and slimy liquid.

But nvm, that's still my kind of place though. Haha, contradicting right? Well that's a right human's character ya? =)

So hope I can made this off day useful and meaningful. Meeting close brothers later at night for dinner after settling my stuffs, like facial, buying present, etc.

I WANT TO ENJOY TODAY! Hope and pray hard for a great day ahead today. =)


Wednesday, April 9, 2008, 11:25 PM

Well been waiting and waiting, finally starting my attachment tomorrow. Will be busy working and learning from tomorrow onwards @ Ricciotti 1, hope everything will go smoothly. Hmm so I'll be blogging lesser, of cos will try to be back with my blog once I'm free.

So to those who are doing their attachment, and myself, GD LUCKS!
Those who've not found any, try harder, you all can make it for sure, just dun give up!

Well ok lah signing off pple, take care and enjoy your days ahead.
Apology for not blogging once again...

Bye & Gd nite! =)

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movie outing today
Monday, April 7, 2008, 12:00 AM

Met up with Jason & Gang today, to catch a movie. Decided to watch 'HORTON' after discussing for quite sometime over the phone before meeting up.

A very nice cartoon indeed, quite touching at some scenes. Basically the whole concept of the movie is not bad, superly duperly funny, we just can't stop laughing. Lol...

I give the movie a total of 9.5/10, highly recommended by me.


lost in life
Saturday, April 5, 2008, 3:15 AM

What's happening to myself recently?

I feel so lost in life out of sudden, I'm like a different person...

Oh god! Please save me from this mystery in life, I want to be my old self, the happy and no worries kinda myself. I used to have a wide dream, used to have no worries. I hate this shit life now, I hate to have so many worries. I'm REALLY LOST!

Someone out there, please save me from this misery. I WANT TO BE WORRIES & MISERY NO MORE!


Prawning near Bishan Country Club
Thursday, April 3, 2008, 2:58 AM

Jason & I, Haha spot that prawn...

Jason's Catch.

The catch.

Justin, the BBQ Chef.

BBQ Prawns after fishing for them.

I look fat here, omg! Btw spot that prawn.

Look at Jason, eating till so happy.

Hard day. Enough of nagging and complaining!

Prawn fishing? Haha...

Hmm, not a bad choice for chilling next time. $30 - 3Hours, quite worthy. We total caught about 10-15 prawns. So not a bad idea to relax and spend time, oh yah of cos test your patience.

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Sick & Tired of this life
2:41 AM

Hmm, was feeling down the whole day. Partly because I failed my stupid Final Theory again. Sigh! Another reason is because I dun wanna go down and help my parents out, but really no choice, because my brother have to go for check-up. Well, no choice really no choice!

Hate the feeling man, why can't they just understand and ask me what I'm thinking? I'm no longer thinking the same way, things change you all know? I was thinking of helping out my brother after he take over the business, when I was still helping you people. But too bad, you all just told me thru actions that you all dun agree with what I was thinking that time. Keep saying my idea won't work, my style won't work, blablabla... FUCK! During that point of time, I kept introducing friends to come our shop buy things, not even a thank you, nvm. What you all told me was, dun trust your friends too much, we better dun accept the agreement, scared my friends will run away. Still say we better depends on working on our own, WTF!? I just dunno what you all are thinking, business can be spread wide towards whole singapore, or even to other countries, but sigh... Really no comments! *I GIVE UP!

I'm DEAD inside, I only know that our relationships as parents and son is drifting way too far apart, till even I dun feel like coming back home. My mind keep telling me to run away, but I'm still persevering. PLEASE! Dun wait till I really runaway from this home...

Who knows right? I actually put a new tattoo, but u all still dunno. What's the point of keep nagging and not finding out what I'm thinking now, what I'm pursuing? I've my own dream you all know? I'm old enough you all know? I need respect, I need my own time, I need care and really CARE! Not those on the surface kind, have you eaten? Are you studying well? Why school keep calling? Why school keep complaining? ARGH!!!!!!

Alright, enough of saying. I'm really tired of those shits! If you all dun wanna give me pocket money, then please say so, the most I'll leave on my own and go out find a job. I believe in myself and I believe I can strive hard and achieve my goal even without all your help!


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New Gucci Sling Bag
New Citizen Watch
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June's Thailand Trip
Basic Theory Test
Final Theory Test
Class 3 License
Subaru WRX 2.5lit.
New Frameless CK Specs
More Tops
New ArmaniEx. Retro Belt
New AIX Belt
New Gucci Sneakers
New Gucci Interlocked - G Ring
Trip to Taiwan
Trip to HongKong
My Own Chain Of Restaurants
Dipl. in Culinary Skills


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